Imperial Broads

Hi, we’re Imperial Broads! A.K.A. Pip Smith (guitar/vox), Lauren Crew (bass/vox), Eve Lande (guitar/vox) and Nick Kennedy (drums). We started out as three girls in a garage, in Marrickville, in winter, freezing our tits off, with ambitious ideas of making harmony-packed punk music and learning our instruments along the way.
Fairly quickly we realised we weren’t exactly punk but there was an interesting sound developing and we needed a drummer to make it less Marine Girls and more Saints. Enter: Nick Kennedy on drums (phew), ready to go nuts and have a lot of fun doing it.
Drunk people at shows have described us as: “blasting”, “mad”, “doo-wop-punk”, “garage”, “like something off the Aussie 80s Ugly Things comp” and (our most coveted) “CBGBs 70s era”. With a rhythm section aiming for New York punk, three lead vocals layered with harmonies and guitar influences equally Roland S Howard and The Shadows, we are hell bent on making our own brand of interesting noise.

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